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You have a choice – choose happy

Aye what? What on earth are you going on about? I have a choice?

Well first thing’s first.

You’ve got to acknowledge that you are indeed feeling low, that life is sweeping you up and carrying you away, you’re being washed over by emotions, situations and just generally life.

It’s completely normal to feel like this.

Come here, come closer…….

This is a secret mind…….!

Every single one of us has felt like this at one time or another, we have all been overcome by life.

But here’s the real secret, you have a choice……………..

Every morning when you wake up, before you even swing your legs out of bed, you have a choice as to how you feel…..

Today’s going to be a good day?

Today’s going to be an ok day?

Today’s going to be bloomin awesome?

Today i’m going survive?

Today is the first time I’m going to try something new

Today i’m going to be scared but still do it

Today i’m going to speak my truth quietly and clearly

Today i’m going to stop and see the wonder that this world offers us

Today i’m going to taste the food I eat

Oooooh the list goes on

You have a choice guys, so choose well


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