Your own Path not expectation

In my job I’m privileged to meet so many individuals, from so many different walks in life.

Some are just beginning their Spiritual Journey others are a long way down it.

One consistent though, no matter who I meet, teach or Practice upon is the discussion about Your Path, Your Journey.

Every single one of us is on a Path, we weave into and out of others people’s path, coming close and then moving away, but no matter how close or for how long we are with another, ultimately it is our own Path.

Yet so often we walk our Path to please others…..

We don’t speak our truths for fear of upsetting Great Aunty Mildred….

We attend the gathering because it’s what Mum wants….

But why?….

Why do we punish ourselves for the overall aim of pleasing someone else, when in actuality we’ve no idea of it pleases them, or it’s actually what they want?


We expect it will please them…..

We expect its best to keep the peace….

Expectation is a funny thing!

It’s almost always an unspoken entity, either of ourselves or someone else.

A classic I hear is:

‘I’m expected to get all A’s’

to which I reply ‘wow! Who is expecting that?’

Normal reply ‘my parents, family’

‘Wow, really? They’ve said that?’

‘Well no, but you know?’

‘Hmm… no I don’t? Have they said they expect you to get A’s in your exams?’


‘So how have you come to this conclusion?’

‘I dunno? I…. I….. I think I’ve created that story!’

‘Perhaps a better expectation from them of you, is for you to simply try your best?’

‘Oh yeah definitely!’

‘So who’s expecting you to get all A’s in your exams?’

‘No one!’

Expectation are unspoken falsehoods, that once spoken become nothing more than mist, floating away, carrying the weight they’ve placed on us as they go.

We as a society need to start talking to each other, strop creating this unspoken expectations of each other, and then getting pissed off when the other person fails to meet that expectation.

Allow your Journey to be free from worry, stress, pressure and expectation. Allow yourself the space and time to become exactly who you’re meant to be.

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