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Forgiving yourself

Forgiveness is a funny thing isn’t it.

Some believe that in order to forgive there has to be a form of acceptance of what has taken place?

Condoning of the behaviour?

Making peace for the sake of others?

Perhaps not actually forgiving the other person, simply saying you’ve forgiven because that’s what you believe you should do.

All interesting theories, and I’m sure we can all relate to them.

However here’s the real question……

What about forgiving yourself?


Go on!

I mean it!

Have a real hard think.

All those times you’ve messed up (spectacularly) have you forgiven yourself?

Or is it more likely that you’ve stored away the disappointment and hurt deep inside of the emotional sack that we all drag behind us?

Forgiving yourself requires a lot of self reflection, understanding and empathy.

Be kind to yourself. You’ve messed up! We all mess up! We all get it wrong! We all say the wrong the thing in the heat of an argument! We all wish we’d done something differently!

Punishing yourself for this doesn’t serve you.

It can’t be undone!

We can only learn from it, and move forward.

Release yourself of regret and move on.

You’re allowed to be happy and content.

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