Winner! Winner!

I feel extremely humble and proud to say in the past few months my Training Academy has received not one by two Awards.

For me this recognition is even more staggering because ISJ Teaching Academy is quite simply – me!

When ISJ came into fruition way back when, I never for one second thought that anything as staggering like this would happen.

Inner Spiritual Journey was the name that Jonner envisaged naming a ‘Great and glorious place of tranquility and peace’. After he passed away in 2014 it was the name I gave my my little business.

All the way back in 2014, when I was offered the opportunity to teach my very first course, I couldn’t conceive where the next 6 years would take me, the 1000’s of people I would meet along the way.

ISJ may be me, but in actuality its every single person that I’ve had the privilege of teaching in the past 6 years. All of the individual stories that have woven into a tapestry that makes the fabric of ISJ and The Teaching Academy.

I remember every Soul that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I remember their stories. I remember their pain. I remember their triumphs. I remember their successes.

For every single one of them has allowed me to become the Teacher I am. The Teacher who will forever be grateful that I had the most awakening Guide in Jonner and the most inspirational students.

So these Awards are dedicated to every single one of you, and mostly to Jonner, my Guide, my Inspiration, my Path Walker, my Friend, my birthday buddy and my Uncle.

I love you.

Fi x

It doesn’t serve you…

I see a lot of Clients in my Therapy Room and what a truly amazing bunch they are 😁

We spend a lot of time talking about past actions that still resonate with them today.

My advice is always the same…..

If it doesn’t serve you, you must get rid of it.

We are emotive creatures, who for some unfathomable reason seem to enjoy dragging our past mistakes with us, like a giant bag dragging behind us……!

Then when things are going well in our lives for some unknown reason we take ourselves off, find a nice quiet rock, admire the scenery, then have a good old rummage in that bag.

From the depths of it we drag up something long buried for the simple reason of …….. punishing ourselves! How dare we dream of being even remotely happy…… flippin rude!!!

Yes brain you’re absolutely right, I definitely needed to be reminded of that horrific time at Great Aunt Mildred’s birthday when I walked back into the bar with toilet paper hanging from my undergarments!!!!

Spot on dude!!!

However this doesn’t actually have to be the way!

Energy Work is an answer, Reiki will help you release what no longer serves you, literally and figuratively freeing you for a better today, and room for an amazing tomorrow.

What is Reiki?

This is my personal journey with Reiki and what I believe it to be…

Reiki is many things, it is:

  • A Companion
  • A hug
  • A place to relax
  • A place to replenish
  • A place to rejuvenate
  • A place to heal
  • A place to say goodbye
  • A place to release
  • A place to reaffirm
  • A place to allow dreams to begin
  • A place to just stop
  • Like meeting an old friend who you’ve never met before
  • The most awe inspiring experience you’ll ever have

Reiki is transforming the world as we see it today. Harnessing the power of Universal Life Force Energy to bring out wellness throughout the who being – physical, mental, emotional and psychological.

It sits within the Holistic Therapy umbrella but is quite unique in terms of a Therapy and what you’ll experience during and the benefits after.

The best way I can describe Reiki to you is simple:

Go and try it for yourself…….