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Improve Your Mood

This week I had the pleasure of spending time with many (many) 16 year olds who are just beginning their Sixth Form Journey.

We spoke about many things, including but not exclusively

  1. Harry Potter
  2. Game of Thrones
  3. Astronauts
  4. Architects
  5. Chinese tourists
  6. How old I am!!!
  7. Free diving
  8. University
  9. Buying a house
  10. Dancing

But the main theme throughout the day was to get across the message that at 16 years old they have the ability to take hold of their own mental wellbeing and therefore Improve Their Mood.

Your brain can be your own worst nightmare, feeding you stories that simply aren’t true, how ugly you are, how worthless you’ve become, no one likes you.

However with the support of Meditation and particularly Mindfulness you can slow your brain down and begin to break down those stories into exactly what they are – Little puffs of smoke that float away into the ether.

Getting hold of your mental wellbeing at a young age will enable you to form a solid and ever evolving relationship with it, because make no mistake your brain will, if given the opportunity, push you to breaking point.

You must start from somewhere, so how about this statement……….

‘ You matter, you’re important, and you’re going to make such an impact upon this world.’

This is not going to be some quick fix, because such a thing doesn’t exists. However if your practice mediating and living a mindful existence slowly you will slow down and improve your mood.

What is Reiki?

This is my personal journey with Reiki and what I believe it to be…

Reiki is many things, it is:

  • A Companion
  • A hug
  • A place to relax
  • A place to replenish
  • A place to rejuvenate
  • A place to heal
  • A place to say goodbye
  • A place to release
  • A place to reaffirm
  • A place to allow dreams to begin
  • A place to just stop
  • Like meeting an old friend who you’ve never met before
  • The most awe inspiring experience you’ll ever have

Reiki is transforming the world as we see it today. Harnessing the power of Universal Life Force Energy to bring out wellness throughout the who being – physical, mental, emotional and psychological.

It sits within the Holistic Therapy umbrella but is quite unique in terms of a Therapy and what you’ll experience during and the benefits after.

The best way I can describe Reiki to you is simple:

Go and try it for yourself…….

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You have a choice – choose happy

Aye what? What on earth are you going on about? I have a choice?

Well first thing’s first.

You’ve got to acknowledge that you are indeed feeling low, that life is sweeping you up and carrying you away, you’re being washed over by emotions, situations and just generally life.

It’s completely normal to feel like this.

Come here, come closer…….

This is a secret mind…….!

Every single one of us has felt like this at one time or another, we have all been overcome by life.

But here’s the real secret, you have a choice……………..

Every morning when you wake up, before you even swing your legs out of bed, you have a choice as to how you feel…..

Today’s going to be a good day?

Today’s going to be an ok day?

Today’s going to be bloomin awesome?

Today i’m going survive?

Today is the first time I’m going to try something new

Today i’m going to be scared but still do it

Today i’m going to speak my truth quietly and clearly

Today i’m going to stop and see the wonder that this world offers us

Today i’m going to taste the food I eat

Oooooh the list goes on

You have a choice guys, so choose well