Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation Teacher Training

What can I expect?
Meditating has been proven to benefit not only physical, but emotional and mental File 30-08-2015 06 32 13well-being. Allow the participant to become a more healthy person of whole.
During the course you will undertake multiple guided meditations, as well as produce your own meditation.

Learn the process and importance of creating a sacred space or altar

How long does the course last?
Full day training 9.00am – 4.00pm

What is the training structure?
Intense theory based course, giving detailed information that will be required to allow you to teach others how to Meditate. This course can be taught in a small group or on a 121 basis

How will I feel after the course?
Meditating has a massive impact on our well-being, therefore you will leave the course lifted and in an positive frame of mind, which will hopefully continue as you implement new and positive process in your life.

In order for your teaching certificate to be issued you will need to complete your Teaching Log.

Please be aware this is a Teaching Certificate, this entitles you to teach others how to meditate. It does not entitle you to teach others to teach