We accept payment via cash, card or bank transfer. Payment for all training courses is required prior to the course commencement and a full invoice will be issued. 


Hopi Ear Candling

45 Minute consultation                  £25.00


Past Life Regression                        £70.00

Life Coaching

Life Coaching Sessions                £40.00 per hour


Indian Head Massage                  £30 for up to 45 minutes

Reiki Treatments inc Angelic and Crystal

Per Treatment   Upto 1hr £40.00

During your initial consultation, we will discuss your medical and personal life history to establish any ailments or lifestyle choices that might help whilst undertake the therapy. Any information disclosed during this consultation is confidential and will not be disclosed


All of our training courses are accredited by IPHM

Angelic Ray Healing

Angelic Ray Practitioner             £275.00

Train to become an Angelic Practitioner and harness the full power of working with The Golden Angelic Ray and the mighty strength that comes from the Angelic Realm

Life Coaching Training

Life Coach                                      £275.00

Train to become a qualified Life Coach, empowering other to implement real and sustained change within their lives

Massage Training

Indian Head Massage                   £175.00

Train to become a qualified Indian Head Massage Therapist.

Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation Teacher                     £275.00
Allow you to teach others how to meditate
Meditation Master Teacher       £375.00
Learn the intricate and age-old study of Meditation that will allow you to teach others to teach

Reiki Training

Reiki 1 (First degree)                    £200.00
Allowing you to become attuned to Reiki Energy and perform self-treatments
Reiki 2 (Second degree)              £275.00
Learn the 3 main Reiki symbols, allow your skills to become further enhanced
Master Teacher (Third degree)  £375.00
The final step on the Reiki journey. Learn the Master symbol which will allow you to teach Reiki to others
Crystal Reiki Practitioner             £250.00
Pre-requisite of Level 2 Practitioner certificate required. Harness the power of Crystal Healing in conjunction with the powerful form of Healing that is Reiki
Reiki One and Two Refresher      £275.00
Having you completed your Level One and Two training, but feel like you need to refresh your knowledge, then join us as we reaffirm your Journey along the Reiki path

Teacher Training

Teacher training package            £1,500
You will receive a comprehensive 12-month training package, which will include Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki Master Teacher, Life Coach, and Meditation Teacher training.