Reiki Master Teacher Training

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What can I expect?
Master training is the final step, although you never stop expanding your knowledge with Reiki, this is the final teachable aspect
Key Benefits
Once you’ve been attuned to Reiki, it never goes away. You will always carry the ability to allow Reiki to flow from you.
You will be taught the final Master symbol which will enable you to teach and attune others to Reiki Energy

How long does the course last?
1 full day, 9am – 4.30pm Usually, Reiki courses are taught over a weekend.
Followed by a six month probationary period which will allow you time to adjust to becoming a Master and hopefully in this time you will attune at least one other person and produce case studies which will be discussed

What is the training structure?
Master training is usually taught on a 1-1 basis. Learning is via a mixture of discussion, practical hands on sessions and meditations

How will I feel after the course?
Some people say that they feel very detached from the world whilst undertaking a Reiki course, and that returning to ‘normal life’ can become very daunting and loud. Therefore we always recommend that you are kind to yourself for the first few days. Drink plenty of water and ensure that you are able (if possible) to rest and enjoy plenty of quiet time.