Reiki Refresher Training

Reiki Refresher Training

You may have already completed your Reiki One or Two degree. However life sometimes takes over, and with the bPhoto 07-04-2017, 14 48 42est intentions  you may not be able to practice your Reiki as often as you’d like. Or perhaps something just didn’t sit right with you whilst you were training, and a few years have pasted since you completed your training. You’d like to start using your Reiki again, but you’ve no idea where to start!

Well that’s where our Refresher Days come in.

A focused day where will re-visit your desired level of Reiki, re-learn the basics, re-discover your love of Reiki and most importantly allow you to re-connect.

There won’t be any attunements during the day, as you’ve already received your attunement through your Master, what we will have is a ‘Reiju Ceremony’ or a Reiki Blessing ceremony