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We could rabbit on for ages about how good our courses are, but actually you guys want to hear from people who’ve sat where you are, thinking about undertaking a specific course, have completed it, and exactly what they thought.


Inner Journey North Bromsgrove High School

Lee Nolan Head of Year 11

  • Fiona has been a ray of light during a difficult time for our most anxious students. She has worked with groups of students developing their resilience and arming them with techniques to manage their emotions. Fiona has an infectious personality and has brought great energy to the sessions. The students have enjoyed the sessions immensely and will miss having that support. As a school we have been delighted to see the students smiling again and looking forward rather than worrying about what might be. It has been an excellent program and we will be looking to use the intervention with all exam groups in the future. We at North consider the mental health of our students to be critical and eagerly anticipate the positive effect this will have on examination results as well as the general quality of life for our students. We would like to thank Fiona for all her hard work and look forward to maintaining this provision in the future

Katy Travers Head of Year 10

  • Thank you for your amazing work with our students, the strategies they know now will be invaluable to them.

Student 1

  • Fiona has been really helpful with getting me through my exams. She has taught me techniques to use to keep calm in this very stressful time period, I feel like this has been very beneficial during the exams as I have been able to concentrate on the exam paper and revision prior to exams rather than worrying about it. Fiona is a lovely enthusiastic person and is very passionate about what she does, this comes across in her sessions and make them very enjoyable.

Student 2

  • I want to say a massive thank you for everything.Not only have you helped me focus on my exams but you understood how i was feeling when I though nobody else could. I am giving you my Angel, so he can watch of you and your family, and so its a reminder of how important your work is.

Student 3

  • Thank you so much for everything you’ve done, you have really opened up my mind and i’m starting to peep over the wall!!

Inner Journey South Bromsgrove High

  • Thank you so much for all your help, I will forever be grateful. You’re an amazing women and such an inspiration.

Inner Journey – Six week bespoke course

Student 1

  • You’ve made my day, my life so much happier, thank you.

Reiki One

Student One

  • Everything was taught and explained in an easy, friendly, ‘real’ and non – dictatorial way. I was made to feel that ‘I can do this!’

Student Two

  • Fi was lovely, very inviting, very clear and put everyone at ease

Student Three

  • Fi made it informative in an non-formal constructive way. I would recommend her every time

Student Four

  • The lovely “purple Reiki lady”. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for getting me back on my “Reiki Journey” you don’t know how much it means to me.

Reiki Two

  • Fi always give you time to absorb all the information given and answers any questions you may have.