The Retreat


The Retreat is the beating heart of ISJ.

Our very own dedicated Therapy and Teaching Room. This multi purpose space is designed with relaxation and tranquility in mind.

At every turn you’ll notice little signs of the many years of Fi’s Practice, the tools of her trade, and not forgetting our very own Shop!

Shelves loaded with Crystals, incense, jewellery and all things lovely.

The Retreat is accessible via a flat pathway from the front of the house, accessed via its own separate entrance.

Upon arrival you will be greeted with a space that is refreshing, calm and tranquil.

As well as the Treatment and Training space, there are also dedicated kitchen and bathroom facilities.

So if you’re looking for a place to go and have a relaxing Reiki Treatment, or to undertake an accredited holistic training course, The Retreat is the place.