Warm Waxing

What is Warm Waxing?

Warm Waxing removes unwanted hair from the root leaving your with hair free smooth skin.

Spread over your unwanted hair, warm wax is then removed with paper or fabric strips that adhere to the wax and the hairs, when pulled off the hair are removed from the root.

Where can the Wax be used?

Warm Wax can be applied to most areas of the body when any unwanted hair is growing.

Who can have Waxing?

Theoretically any age, however here at ISJ we will only wax a person once they are over the age of 16, and only then with consent.

Does it hurt?

The most asked question!

It isn’t painful, however it can be sensitive when the wax is removed on the more sensitive areas of the body, I.E under arm, upper lip, but the sensation passes within an instant.

Can I Swim after being waxed?

In most cases yes, but talk to your Therapist.

How often will I need to have my hair waxed?

Roughly 3-4 weeks

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